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The Association shall pursue the following objectives:

2.1: Participate in fostering social and economic development in Australia and back home by improving the standard of living through provision of basic services (i.e. education, health... etc.) and engaging in strategic investment activities,
2.2: Strive to mobilize resources, aimed at reducing the poverty levels,
2.3: Provide proper and correct enlightenment, sensitization of the people on important public issues,
2.4: Create and collaborate in the creation of, an enabling environment for peace, harmony, security, and unity among the people of Kongor section and their neighbours; and
2.5: Encourage and develop individual/group and local initiatives.


The Association shall observe the following guiding principles and values when exercising its functions and powers:

3.1: Pursue its objectives without political, religious, social, sectional, gender or any other discrimination.
3.2: Ensure equality, Equity and justice among all the members.
3.3: Respect individual democratic rights and freedom of its members.
3.4: Uphold Good governance, intolerance for corruption, accountability and transparency and participative democracy,
3.5: Encourage and develop individual/group and local of initiatives.



We will practice open, truthful and timely communication with students by carefully listening and responding to their needs



We will protect the dignity and rights of individuals by providing services in a caring and sympathetic manner.



We will promote a climate of trust and respect which encourages administration, faculty and student to work together.



We will provide quality education with high academic standards to a wide range of students.