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Our Partners

Kongor Association Association (KSA) was formed in 1998 by Kongor students in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. The KSA was formed to help bring together Kongor youth so that they could work together to improve their academic performances.
The KSA started by providing after school classes run by senior students. The Kongor community in Kakuma contributed money that was used to buy books that were shared among the members. Later on the KSA set up clubs such as writers club, debate club, drama club, sports club, spiritual club, and the social forum. The KSA worked hard to come up with a learning centre in Kakuma in the form of a library.
From about the end of the 1990s KSA members started arriving in Australia and in 2003 the KSA held the first ever conference of its kind by any Sudanese organisation in Australia. KSA members affirmed their committment to the KSA and made necessary changes that included the renaming of the KSA into Kongor Students Association of Australia (KSAA).