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Kongor Primary Health Care center (KPHCC)

During the year 2017 , KDA-USA and partners will focus on the expansion of the current buildings and facilities within the premises of the Center. It has been observed that the current buildings are inadequate to accommodate the required services. As a partial solution, the medical officer’s Residence will be converted into a maternity and children ward so as to maximize the utilization of the building. This has necessitated the provision of an alternative accommodation for the Medical officer and the staff. A new house will be built outside the current compound.

Because of the observed inadequacies in the facilities, the following activities will be undertaken: one additional pit latrine; septic tank ; external store ; patients’ waiting shelter and guard’s shelter.

Presently, the Center lacks trained, competent and qualified medical staff and will recruit (19 ) personnel – 1 Clinical officer, 3 nurses , 2 lab assistants, 2 pharmacy assistants, 2 Community Midwives, 1 KPHCC administrator, 2 statistical clerks, 2 nutritionists, 1 driver, 2 guards, 2 cleaners and 2 EPI (Expanded program Immunization). Medicines and other medical equipment will be supplied by the National Ministry of Health. KONDA will be able to purchase some basic equipment and medicines where necessary.